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     Afros Cut is a movement that promotes hairstyle confidence in conjunction with a fashionable lifestyle. Everybody knows that if you look good, then you feel good. There‚Äôs no price you can put on a nice haircut, hairstyle or a neat braid design. Your hairstyle accents everything that you do, say and wear. The presentation of your hair is imperative in every aspect of your life. Without a nice cut you would not be confident in everyday task, such as:

  1. Job Interviews
  2. Clubs and Outings
  3. Dates
  4. Work
  5. First Impressions
  6. Meetings and conversations

     At Afros Cut we believe that it's all about delivery. We deliver the best in Barber, Beauty and Braids. Our clients often get stopped in public places and questioned about their shape-ups, haircuts, braids and hairstyles. All of our staff are involved in hair shows. Afros cut services many radio personalities, staff and guests of BET Television, and many big names in basketball and boxing professions. At Afros Cut we deliver competence and confidence in a professional and luxurious setting. Afros Cut consists of several entities:

  1. Afros Cut Styles for Ladies: This page reflects short hairstyles for woman with a barbers touch
  2. Afros Cut Shape-ups for Men: This page reflects precise shape-ups on various hair textures for men
  3. Afros Cut Braids, Locks and Twists: This page reflects the various styles that Afros Cut administers with long natural hair
  4. Afros Cut Fashion: This page reflects the different shirts that Afros Cut produces in promoting barbering/hair prominence. You can order your shirt via E-mail. Simply E-mail the item# of the shirt that you want. Make sure to E-mail your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, item#, size and color. An Afros representative will respond promptly. Your order will be confirmed via email after money order is received. AfrosCut@yahoo/com. Make all money orders payable to: Afros Cut.
  5. Afros Cut Graphics and Marketing: Afros Cut has a unique skillful team of artists. These artists draw, paint and specialize in computer graphics. We produce flyers for parties special events and functions. We also produce graphical laminated business cards for your company or small business. Orders are placed via e-mail at: Simply E-mail the entire contents of what you would like on your flyer or business card and an estimate will be e-mailed to you in return with a sample image for you to proof. After you ratify the proof, then a deposit of half the cost will be required. Send payment out to P.O. Box indicated in the E-mail and production will begin. Be sure to include all information needed to contact you. If unsure about your presentation strategy, Afros Cut will produce your entire delivery, as long as we acquire sufficient information pertaining to your movement.

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